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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Killed His Cat And Drank Its Blood to "Satisfy His Craving"?

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Daily Mail- A man who allegedly strangled his cat with a rope and drank its blood has insisted he was preventing animal cruelty. Justin Case Jacoby, 36, was arrested on New Year’s Day and told police officers he choked his cat to death with a rope, according to a criminal complaint. Cops noticed that he had ‘a small amount of blood on his face, near his mouth,’ according to court documents. Jacoby was said to be upset about his upcoming eviction and allegedly phoned his landlord to tell her he planned to kill the cat, according to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier. The property owner phoned the police, who found a dead cat in a running shower in the apartment in Cedar Falls, Iowa. ‘[Jacoby] stated he killed the cat to satisfy his blood craving and to keep the animal from having to go to an animal shelter upon his eviction from the apartment,’ a police officer wrote in court papers.



I’m of the opinion that people who get their mugshots plastered all over the internet after doing something stupid can recover from it. Forgive and forget.  We’re a country of second chances. Own up to your mistake and it’ll be okay. So you left your baby in the car while you went to the casino for a few hours.  Big deal. So you got drunk on peppermint schnapps, melted into the sidewalk and got hauled off to jail. Who hasn’t.  So you used your wife’s head as a mop after you killed her over a disagreement about a sandwich. Time heals all wounds. But this? Killing your cat and drinking it’s blood to satisfy your craving for animal blood? There’s no coming back from that. There just isn’t. I will never forget that man’s face. He is forever the Cat Blood Drinking Guy. Not only that, but he’s the Cat Blood Drinking To Satisfy His Blood Craving Guy.  That wasn’t his only reason for killing the cat though.


‘[Jacoby] stated he killed the cat to satisfy his blood craving and to keep the animal from having to go to an animal shelter upon his eviction from the apartment,’


That’s some extremely backwards logic but I suppose in the mind of a lunatic it makes a tiny bit of sense.  He doesn’t want his cat to go through the horrors of living in an animal shelter so he kills it. Again, that logic only makes sense if you’re a psychopath. Because before that even becomes an option you have to exhaust every other option out there. Every single one. You can’t just be like, “Oh shit I’m getting evicted and my cat is gonna go to an animal shelter. Welp, better kill it and drink it’s blood.”  Offer the cat to everyone you know. Offer it to strangers on the street. Don’t just murder the cat.


And you definitely don’t act like the victim after you get arrested for murdering an innocent creature and drinking it’s blood



Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.13.42 AM



YOU DRANK IT’S BLOOD BRO! You can’t say you were trying to prevent animal cruelty when you sipped on an animal’s blood like a fine wine. Last time I checked that’s animal cruelty. Are animal shelters depressing places and I wish I could adopt every dog and cat in those places? Yes. But at least they’re still breathing. At least they still have hope. I’ve had just about enough of this Justin Jacoby fella. Lock him up and throw away the key.