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MLB Network's "The Shredder" Lists Its Top 10 Center Fielders, Ridiculously Puts Adam Jones 10th

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I hate the Shredder and it’s stupid rankings and I don’t know why I let it get to me because everyone knows it’s a joke but it has to be said every time they do something dumb like this. Last year it didn’t rank Manny Machado on its top 10 list of third baseman list when anyone with with two eyes could see Manny is a top 3 third baseman. But that’s besides the point. Hey Shredder, I got a lotta problems with you, and you’re gonna hear about em. Lets start at the bottom of the list…

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10. Adam Jones- GTFOH. Are you serious with this ranking? Jones is a top 5 center fielder in the league based on numbers and his glove alone, not to mention what he does to make the team around him better. He’s a true superstar five-tool player, All-Star every year, and normally ends the season with a Gold Glove coming home with him. There are few guys I’d take above Jonesy. This ranking is atrocious, do better Shredder.

9- Carlos Gomez- Another guy who was hurt last year, playing in only 115 games. Gomez is normally a threat at the plate, not so much last season. Saw his power fade away, and his average drop. His play in the field is still fine though.

8- Randal Grichuk- Who? Young guy who had a decent year in 2015. 17 homers, 47 batted in, .276 BA, .329 OBP, and a .548 slugging percentage. Maybe after next season, but right now, number 8? Fuck off with that.

7- Kevin Kiermaier- A bit high for a guy who had decent numbers at the plate last season, but his defense is just so damn good. Made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen against the O’s last year and won on a Gold Glove for his efforts. If he can raise his average and OBP, he will be a top 10 CF for a while. This one I’m fine with.

6- Adam Eaton- Perfect top of the lineup guy, has the speed, power to go yard, can get on base, and can steal once he’s on. His glove is also one of the best in the league. Suspicious that his power jumped from 1 HR in 2013 to 14 in 2015, but hey, I like the guy. Not this high though.

5-Jason Heyward- Heyward has all the potential to be a top 2 center fielder, but just hasn’t come along like we all expected. We saw the SI covers with him on them as a rookie, all the stories of his insane power, it just hasn’t shown up in the bigs. He has the BA and OBP to be a good offensive player, just wish that power would come around. He still has time to reach that potential, and I’d love the guy to play on my team. His defense is really what shines, a big reason he got that niceeeeee contract this offseason. 3-time Gold Glove winner, he is another guy who fits perfectly at the top of a lineup.

4- Andrew McCutchen- Much like Jones, this guy does it all. Certified stud, five-tool player. Always an MVP candidate. I actually think 4 is low for McCutchen on the list, but considering Jones is 10th, what can you really expect at all?

3-Lorenzo Cain- Talk about a guy who is perfect for the Royals’ huge park, both of offense and defense. He covers tons of ground in CF, I still have nightmares about his catches in the 2014 ALCS. His power would likely show up more if he didn’t play 81 games in KC, but he puts up huge doubles numbers because he can spray the ball all around that park. He’s come on strong the past few years, and will for sure stay atop this list for the next few years.

2- A.J. Pollock- Good player, don’t get me wrong. But this is WAYYYY too high for a guy who had his first double digit HR season. I love the average/OBP/ slugging, and Gold Glove defense, but he is not a top 2 CF.  We can revisit A.J. in a few years, maybe he’ll have earned the right to be a top 5 CF at that time. I don’t get why he is this high? What does he bring to the table that Jones, Cutch, or Cain doesn’t?

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1- Mike Trout- Duh.

That was the Shredder’s list, below is my top 10.


1- Mike Trout

2- Andrew McCutchen

3- Adam Jones

4- Lorenzo Cain

5- Jason Heyward

6- A.J. Pollock

7- Mookie Betts

8- Carlos Gomez

9- Adam Eaton

10. Odubel Herrera

Agree? Disagree? Tweet me @BarstoolRDT and let me know your list.