Pacman Jones With a Heartfelt Apology To Antonio Brown For Saying He Was Faking

Someone pass the tissues, that was like the first 15 minutes of Up. Truly moving apology from Pacman. “Sorry been traveling, going to Disney World n shit like that while you get 3 hours of sleep a night because I knocked your brains out of your ears and took 5 years off the end of your life…get better though, k?”

Let me tell you the thing about Pacman. I’ve been following him on Insta and Twitter for about 2 years now. He legit has changed his life around, is a family man, drives his kids to school, picks them up, all that. Works hard as hell in the weight room, is committed to the team, blah blah blah. I’ve read other things about him and by all accounts he’s a good teammate and has grown up. But you know what they can’t teach? IQ. He’s still going to be dumb as rocks, no matter what. And with that low IQ comes doing dumb things and saying dumb things. It’s not an excuse, but it kinda is. He’s just dumb. I wonder if he ever sits up at night like “wait, why did I do and say those things?” And maybe one day he’ll be like “oh shit, it’s because the average 8th grader has more intelligence than me!” It goes for a lot of athletes like him. Pacman has put his life into football and trying to master it. But it’s hard to grow common sense, especially in the heat of the moment. Think about all the stupid things you’ve said and done in the heat of the moment. Who hasn’t gotten behind the wheel when they shouldn’t? Who hasn’t sent a text to a girl that you knew was a bad idea but you didn’t have the self control to stop it? Now multiply that by having your head rattled around your whole life from playing football, and then multiply that by growing up in the conditions a lot of these guys grew up in.