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Get A Load Of This Iraqi Bro Calling Himself The Most Beautiful Creature Alive


(Source) Meet Ahmed Angel – the Iraqi medical student and part-time model who wants to take over the world. And with his gelled hair, piercing blue eyes and expert Photoshopping skills, the 18-year-old has been gathering followers at a phenomenal rate. Since it was created three months ago, Ahmed’s bizarre photo album on Imgur has been viewed almost a million times.

Album titles include ‘the most beautiful face ever’ and ‘very HOT!’ A short biography reveals that Ahmed ‘seeks to obtain fame and influence. He finds intellect and creativity as important as others. Ahmed looks down upon drinking alcohol and smoking.’ Despite having already gathered such a large fan base, Ahmed remains magnanimous about his success.



Bad news is I’m pretty sure Ahmed Angel just stole my soul with this picture.

His weird blue eyed gaze just sucked it directly out of my body ghostbuster style.


Good news is I think I have finally found someone with more irrational self confidence than myself. I’m no longer “that” guy, not with Ahmed Angel making “Very Hot” and “The Most Beautiful Face Ever” albums in facebook for the entire world to see. I mean come on man. You can’t possibly call yourself the most beautiful creature on earth when you look like an Arabic mannequin mixed with Powder mixed with a 13 year old Jewish kid from Boca Raton. Not to mention your hair sucks, and you’re visibly sucking your marshmallow soft stomach gut in.




Boom Roasted.


Ahmed looks down upon drinking alcohol and smoking


Well I look down on shemale robots so I guess we can’t be friends.