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Science Has Come Up With A Way To Put Little Motors On Sperm To Make Getting Pregnant Easier

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Pop Sci- For the millions of American couples that struggle each year to conceive a child, most procedures, such as in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, have a relatively low success rate. Male fertility issues contribute to about half of the cases of infertility. One major cause is low sperm motility, or the sperm’s inability to swim to the egg. Now a team of German researchers has invented a “spermbot” that can help sperm swim better to improve couples’ fertility, according to a study published recently in the journal Nano Letters. Ideally, this technique would also be less costly than other assisted reproductive technologies, which can cost thousands of dollars per round. The invention is a small metal spiral that is just large enough to fit over the tail of the sperm but not so wide as to slip over its head. Using a rotating magnetic field, researchers can direct the spiral to an individual sperm, and then use it as a motor to drive the sperm next to the egg. The sperm can then fertilize the egg, and the micromotor can simply slip off the sperm. The magnetic field doesn’t cause harm to any of the cells involved, the researchers write, making it perfect to use on living tissues. 



Where does it end?  Where does the everybody-gets-a-trophy culture end?  SMDH. Well we know where it starts now and it’s at the very beginning. It’s not enough we give trophies to soccer kids simply for participating in the act of playing the sport.  Now we’re strapping motors on the backs of underachieving sperm so they can get a chance at life. Shameful shit. That kid will be ridiculed his entire life if it ever gets out that he was a motorized sperm. There’s no coming back from, “Hey remember when you were a sperm and they had to put a jet engine on your back because you suck at life?”  Not to mention Darwin is doing 360s in his grave right now.  Survival of the fittest.  Ever heard of it?  It means that only the strong survive and move on. You either have the intelligence and drive to keep on keeping on or you go bye bye. It’s what the very nature of existence is based on. That goes for humans, animals, insects and, yes, sperm. If you’re a sperm and you’re not good enough to impregnate an egg then you aren’t cut out for the real world. It’s as simple as that. Real men birth babies who don’t need special treatment. Kids are pussies as it is. We can’t be bringing coddled knuckle children into this world.