Guess Who's Gonna Be On The Sidelines At The Patriots Game This Weekend? OK, I'll Tell You. Our Good Friend Mike Kensil





KENSIL! MIKE KENSIL! That’s who the NFL is sending to the Patriots first playoff game since Deflategate. The former Jets executive who’s had it out for Bill Belichick ever since he wrote “Ur shitty franchise can go fuck itself – BB,” or something like that, on a napkin. The guy who walked up to Patriots employees last January and said, “We caught you! We weighed the balls! You’re in big fucking trouble!” The very same man who is widely suspected as playing a large role in the Deflategate conspiracy and leaking the false “11 of 12 balls” report to that living fart, Chris Mortensen. That’s who Roger Goodell is gonna put in Foxboro this weekend. I’ll tell ya, folks, you can’t make this stuff up. If this was a movie you’d slam your popcorn on the ground and walk out because it’s too unbelievable. I almost respect it, Goodell continuing to turn the NFL into the WWE for ratings. This is Vince McMahon deciding to call the title fight himself, my friends. Simply astounding. A valiant attempt to get inside the Patriots heads but I’m very excited to watch it fail miserably then have Gronk stuff this dork in a locker.