Woman Announces Her Pregnancy On Facebook And Whoops, The Top Comment Is A Co-Worker Outing Her For Cheating On Her Husband

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Well that certainly escalated quickly. Christina and her dick sucking self looking to have a big moment on Facebook, announce her pregnancy and in comes this dude from the top rope to put her in a grave in front of her entire family.



My only question is this. While I agree that this guy’s life is ruined and he has a reasonable right to be upset (minus the part where he fucked her in the first place, don’t stick your dick in crazy) I don’t really get the “this was the right thing to do” line. Like yeah, you should probably tell this chick’s husband that it might not be her baby but I’m pretty sure you can go an alternate route than a public facebook post for the world to see. That seems aggressive. Maybe pick up a phone. Grab a beer with the dude, take him out to dinner. Because at the end of the day if this lady is as crazy as you said she is, her husband obviously knows. Guys aren’t dumb. If they’re dating or married to a crazy bitch it’s usually very apparent. Like your buddy who dates the girl that loves to fight. You tell him it’s insane and he just looks at you like “yeah I know man, what do you want me to do about it?”. He’s trapped, so the least you could do is help him out in a less public way. This isn’t the first time someone will tell him his wife is a nutball, just try to do it with maybe a little more tact, I feel for the guy. Maybe that’s just me.