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Here Is The Complete Set Of Philly Themed Emojis In All Their Glory


We have Philadelphia themed emojis, because its 2016 and what the hell else does this city have to offer? As always, I am here to break them down.

Statues/Parts of the city


This one is pretty standard. It has everything you could expect. I think its really cool how they gave William Penn one so I can send it to my dad and go “Look! It was so cold today that William Penn has his hand in his pocket.” Like he has said to me about 100 times while driving in the city. The biggest miss here? How is there no shot of little emoji of the stadium area or at least one of the stadiums? COME ON. Get out of my face with the Chinatown Friendship Gate without having the stadiums. Know what city you are in.

Best Statue/Parts of the city Emojis
3. Skyline
2. Boathouse Row
1. Rocky/William Penn



I first off this its kind of cool how they made the Liberty Bell as our emoticon emoji. Now would I have loved if the movie Creed threw them some money so I could send little Michael B. Jordan and Rocky emoticons? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. However, I cannot feel joy. Also, get out of my face with the “YO!” and beer ones. Get more typical.

Best Words/Emoticons
2. Liberty Bells with faces
1. LOVE done like the LOVE Park

Food/Sponsors/ Other crap


First off, find me some worse sponsors. How do you get Rita’s, Dietz and Watson, and Insomnia cookie? I feel like they are everywhere, not only Philly. This is where I wish the sports teams sponsored this and they were replaced with cool emojis for each sports team in the city. Can guarantee if that was the case, people would use these a lot more. Plus, ever since the Dietz & Watson factory by my dad’s house burned down a few summers ago leaving the town smelling like burnt hot dogs for a month, I just haven’t been the biggest fan of their stuff.

Rankings of the rest of the crap
3. Pretzels(Quick note; Wawa soft pretzels over Philly soft Pretzels all damn day)
2. Ritas
1. Cheesesteak, duh. It’s a goddamn cheesesteak emoji.