Tiger Woods Is An Awesome Wingman According To This Story Kevin Na Told

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NYP- Along with the bounty of poignant anecdotes retold by Shipnuck is a little gem about an encounter the now-32-year-old had with Woods on the practice green at the 2015 PGA Championship in August. Na approached Tiger asking him to autograph a hat for his good friend Young Nam — whom Woods knew from junior golf. According to Shipnuck, Nam is reportedly a regular in the Korean tabloids due to his romantic liaisons with a famous actress and a former Miss Korea. “Is Nam still getting a lot of ass?” Na recalls Woods asking. Na said the hat was actually for Nam’s girlfriend, a response that was enough to convince the former world No. 1 to whip out a pen and sign away. “If it will help him get laid, I’ll do it,” Woods said.




I haven’t been able to blog about Tiger Woods much recently because he stinks. That’s just a fact.  His golf game stinks, his back stinks and he’s like the 14,000th ranked golfer in the world right now. But this is perfect. This is the type of publicity my boy needs. There have always been whispers that, behind closed doors and far far away from the media, Tiger is an awesome dude. That once upon a time he liked to kick it with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan in high roller rooms and act a fool.  Those whispers obviously turned to shouts after Thanksgiving 2009 when it came out that he LOVED blonde porn stars and may or may not have pissed on a couple. Well this Kevin Na story isn’t as juicy as that but it is a a peek into the type of wingman Eldrick can be. Signing hats for fellow golf pros so they can get laid. That’s the side of Tiger I wanna see. These are the stories I wanna hear. Otherwise all we have to go on is how he interacts with traditional media at press conferences and that can be tough to watch. Bottom line is this: Tiger is awesome because he was an awesome golfer once upon a time but he’s also an awesome wingman and if you don’t like him you’re an idiot.