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Update On Denna Laing: Donations Are Up To Around $43,000




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Just wanted to give a quick update to everyone on how much we’ve raised for Denna Laing thus far: we’re up to around $43k as of post time. We’re at about 30k in tshirt sales, which means 3k each from both Jimmy Hayes and Kevin. Now, we’ve also had some other matchers reach out. My boss (Peter Chernin) will be donating 1k for every 10k raised, as will Ryan Whitney, and of course my co-worker (Dave Portnoy) has been so kind to donate $1,100 for every 10k.


Sidenote: I know that math doesn’t really make sense. If we’re at 30k in tshirts then that means we should be at 45k in total funds raised, but Portnoy texted me 43k so that’s what I’m writing. He’d make me pay that in full if it was off, so I’m putting exactly what I was told.


If you need a reminder about what a great cause this is, here’s Dave’s original blog on Denna Laing. Honestly, an amazing chick. I followed her on Twitter a few days ago and, despite all that she’s going through, she’s been happier and more upbeat in the last few days than I have been in the last few years. Just an incredible and inspiring girl so please help out if you can.



Click to support Denna and grab a tshirt