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Kansas City Star Profiles Patrick McGillicuddy

Sign Kid A - Courtesy of Family

Kansas City Star – Sign Kid’s real name is Jason Patrick McGillicuddy. He lives in the suburbs north of Boston. He plays quarterback on his flag-football team, wears No. 12 (of course) and plays point guard on an AAU basketball team. His dad asked that his last name not be used. Fans in Kansas City might understand why as they read on. During Jason’s Patrick McGillicuddy’s entire life, Belichick was been coaching the Patriots, and Brady has been the team’s starting QB. (Brady missed the 2008 season because of a torn ACL after being taken out at the knees by the Chiefs’ Bernard Pollard in the season opener.) As Jason Patrick McGillicuddy grew, so did the numbers on his sign. It was first unveiled at the Bruins’ Stanley Cup duck-boat fete in June 2011. “9 years old. 7 Parades.”


His dynamic sign has been a social media and Internet staple at Boston championship duck-boat parades since and even earned him air time on local TV. There is no more room for another logo on the sign. There will be design changes if necessary in February.

Jason Patrick McGillicuddy, for one, has no doubt the Patriots will beat the Chiefs on Saturday in an AFC divisional playoff game at Gillette Stadium. He has them winning 31-20.

“I have high expectations whenever the Patriots play. I expect them to win. My standards for them are, like, really high,” he told The Star. “When they lose, I always have a bit of a disappointment. But I always believe they have a shot at the championship. They’re the team of the decade.”

Such brash and arrogant confidence for a young man, right? Well, as a Patriots fan, Jason Patrick McGillicuddy has a 171-53 regular-season record, 12 AFC East championships, four Super Bowl wins and a nearly incomprehensible nine AFC championship-game appearances.

He turned 14 Friday.

Haters, cynics, the defeated, Brady Truthers, a certain four-letter sports network, corrupted souls at NFL HQ, and fans in New York, across Pennsyltucky and beyond, often love to credit this success to cheating, the Dark Side and deflated footballs.

Jason Patrick McGillicuddy is having none of it.

“I don’t think Tom Brady is a cheater. He’s an honest and wonderful person. He seems pretty smart to me and knows football. I don’t feel like it in my heart he would cheat to get a win. He’s so into the game. I feel like he would always give 110 percent and try as hard as he can to win.”

Boy do I hate this kid’s guts. First of all lets stop with this “Jason” nonsense. Its Patrick McGillicuddy and his entire family should cave in and start calling him that. Second of all how about the Kansas City Star doing this? That has to be on purpose right? Some Royals fan wanting to dance some more on my grave. Surprised it didnt have Patrick holding a sign that says CONTACT. And thirdly, I just dont think I can take it if Patty becomes like an actual figure. Like if he starts getting article written about him and he’s making appearances and shit I dont know what I’ll do. Yes, I understand its absolutely preposterous for a grown man to be this affected by a 14 year old kid. I get it. I do. I’m surprised there wasnt a line in the article like “Patrick haunts Kevin Clancy, 30 years old, from Hoboken NJ, morning noon and night.” But it is what it is. This kid is my arch enemy. I still maintain that he’s peaked to early. He didnt get to truly enjoy 90% of those titles. But thats me grasping at straws because I got nothing else against this 14 year old who’s lived the life I’ve always wanted.

I hate you Patrick. I hate your stone cold stare. I hate your Mona Lisa smile. I hate your signs. And I always will.