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Is Combat Juggling Real?


Is this a real thing? With like leagues and stats and shit? If it is then I am 100% in on combat juggling. No question in my mind this is a more exciting sport than soccer. Nerds juggling is funny. Nerds juggling while running is hilarious. Nerds juggling while running and trying to beat the shit out of each other is absolutely enthralling.


I don’t even know if there are rules. From that minute and a half clip it looks like you just juggle and slap each other. Fine. That works for me. Just need someone to figure out a way I can bet on it and I will be the biggest Combat Juggling fan in the world. Lingerie football you’re out, combat juggling you’re fucking in.



If twirling is the key to success…

Introducing Your New Favorite Sport,


Someone needs to find our treadmill guy and get him a uniform and baton STAT..

thanks to Matt for the tip