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Flames Rookie Sam Bennett Casually Decided To Score 4 Goals Last Night, 3 In The 1st Period

And just like that, the Year of the Rookie continues. Sam Bennett became the 5th rookie this season to record a hat trick this season (along with Domi, Duclair, Reinhart who I always forget is a rookie, and Vatrano), and it only took him 20 minutes to do so. And not only did he net himself a hatty in the 1st period, but he capped off the night with a 4th goal which was the filthiest of them all.


Oh me oh my. Sam Bennett getting me to feel all warm and tingly inside with that move. Through the legs, to the backhand, upstairs in the corner where the spiders stay. And at just 19 years and 6 months old, Sam Bennett became the 3rd youngest player in NHL history to score 4 goals in one game. Just a work of art. We’ve seen what Sam Bennett’s hands are capable of before this season and there’s no doubt that he has the ability to be an absolute stud in this league–especially with the way the game is trending. Here are some examples of how badly the kid can burn you if you give him the time and space to do so.

Consistency just seems to be his biggest problem at the moment, which you’d expect from a 19-year-old playing in the NHL. One night he’ll be undressing defenders left and right, then the next few games he’ll go unnoticed. But the Flames are another one of those teams in the NHL right now who are stocked with a shit ton of young talent and are right on the doorstep of becoming a legitimate contender. Bennett is 19, Sean Monahan is 21, Dougie Hamilton and Johnny Gaudreau are both only 22. And with the Pacific division being the shitshow that it is outside of the Los Angeles Kings, they’re going to be a team who makes the playoffs year in and year out. They are just a competent goaltender away for the time being. The kids are most certainly alright in Calgary. Now if only Sam Bennett can work on getting as many pull-ups as goals scored on a nightly basis, we’ll be dealing with an actual threat out there.

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P.S. – I’m terribly sorry to the few Florida Panthers fans out there for mushing your team to death with that blog earlier this week. But it had to be done. Have to take down each team in the East one by one until the Flyers are the only team left standing. And the only way I know how to do that is death by mush.