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Bill Belichick Is Playoff Ready With His Recent Media Performances












As the coach goes, a team goes and if Bill’s recent performances are any indication then the Patriots are about to run through the rest of the NFL like a hot knife through butter. This ain’t the regular season anymore, this isn’t the time to play nice. The clock has officially struck “It’s time to toy with and destroy everyone” o’clock down at Gillette Stadium. Bill’s carrying boxing gloves around to fuel rumors about his eye and answering “what happened?” questions with a stonefaced “Great.” You want to ask how I’m gonna use my player who sought medical treatment for synthetic weed this weekend? Sure, I’ll just Xerox you our game plan. Did he mean fax? No, just like he doesn’t mean Facebook when he says Snapface. Every question got a snarl and a fuck you, like after the last time we played KC and ripped the rest of the league limb from limb. It’s go time baby. “Playoff football is here and everyone else can go fuck themselves!” -Bill Belichick, every January.