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Hunting Trip Packages That Offer Happy Endings From Prostitutes At The End Spark Outrage For Some Reason

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The Local- An organisation offering hunting trips in Austria with a guaranteed “happy ending” involving prostitutes has been forced to cancel them after outrage from animal-rights groups. Hunting is legal and extremely popular in Austria, and organised hunting tours for wild boar and deer among other animals are offered in many areas, with competition fierce for business. As a result one organiser is offering hunting trips from a hunting lodge in the Neustift-Innermanzing municipality in Lower Austria’s Alpine foothills. The advert for the trip said: “After an exciting day’s hunting what could be better than a cosy night for two, or even three, in a remote mountain cabin. Everything is possible. “The hunter’s return will be welcomed back by a lovely companion, and of course absolute discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed.” But the “Romantic Weekend Hunting” offer caused outrage online when details were made public by the Association Against Animal Factories (VGT).



2016 can really be the pits. For all the advantages like the internet, running water, Katy Perry’s boobs, Spotify playlists, etc etc there are equally as many disadvantages.  Such as this. A company being forced to take down hunting trip packages that conclude with the hunters meeting up with prostitutes and getting Happy Endings. I’m sorry. That sounds like the best idea ever and it happens to be between two consenting adults.  Where’s the problem? I don’t see one. I’m not even a hunter. Never have been hunting once in my life but if you tell me I can wander around shooting off guns in the wilderness then return back to the cabin only to be embraced by some hookers I couldn’t be more in.  Tell me you wouldn’t jump at the chance to go on a bachelor party like that.  You can’t. It has it all. A testosterone-filled activity followed by the company of hookers. But of course some animal rights group has to get their panties in a bunch and shut down the whole idea with their outrage. I’ll say this, the company offering the packages made a mistake. They revealed too much. Coming out and saying hookers are gonna be involved might’ve worked in 1916 but not 2016. Just say something like, “There will be special extracurricular activities after the hunting trip (wink wink)” and leave it at that.