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Bad News - You Didn't Win Powerball. Good News - JJ Watt Foundation Raised A Ton Of Money And Would Like You To Know About It!

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Everyone talking about money? Everyone got that big time payday, that cashola on their brain? Well what better time than now to tell everyone how much money the JJ Watt Foundation has raised. You may have not won the powerball but guess what? JJ Watt won in life when he saved all those middle school children’s lives. What a guy, who even needs 1.5 billion dollars when we’ve got 1 JJ Watt in this world. #Blessed.




The best part of this tweet is they deleted it about 10 minutes after posting it when everyone was like shut the fuck up, our momentary dream of being a billionaire just got crushed, we don’t give a fuck about your charity at this exact second. So maybe someone in JJ Watt’s crew is becoming self aware to the annoying try hard “look how selfless I am because I just told you how selfess I am also did I mention I’m selfless” image. Probably not, but maybe.



Oh and that is awesome that they raised money, I’ll never knock people raising for a good cause. Just so funny how they have to tell everyone about it any chance they get when a story isn’t even REMOTELY related. Letting us know that 1.5 billion is so much less exciting than 1.5 million to charity, by JJ Watt! If you can blame JJ Watt for anything it’s that he loves too much and tries too hard.


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