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Shoutout To Matty Marcone, Canton High's Senior Hockey Manager Who Got His First Shift And Goal



(CBS)A Canton High School senior’s dream came true when he laced up his skates with his hockey team Tuesday night. Matty Marcone suffers a rare genetic disorder, but that hasn’t stopped him. He has been a dedicated team manager since freshman year and he finally got to hit the ice against Stoughton Tuesday night. “It means a lot for me to come out and skate with this team,” Matty said. “It’s a lot of fun out here.” Marcone led the Bulldogs onto the ice wearing a captain’s “C” on his sweater. “Matty means so much to us,” Canton coach Brian Shuman said. “He’s an inspiration without knowing it and I think that’s the coolest thing about Matty, he’s so humble and inspirational and kind, he makes other people around him better.” Matty took the ice for one shift and sure enough scored the tying goal. “Oh it was awesome and then he came over and it was right there, jumped into the glass,” Matty’s father John Marcone said smiling. “It was definitely cool.” “He wants to be just like everybody else, even though he’s sick, even though he’s got some learning disabilities,” his mother Susan Marcone said. “He just wants to be part of the team.”





Can’t even begin to imagine what a feeling this was for Matty and what a lifetime memory it will be. I mean, sometimes I still tear up like a little girl when I think of high school sports and scoring a goal (It happened, ok? It happened. Ask Pat, he’ll tell you. He saw it. I swear) and I was just a normal kid. Matty’s dreamed about this day for four years, probably envisioned skating down the ice and going top dog thousands of times, and to finally get that chance and bury? God, I can’t even imagine. Such a pure and genuine moment for everybody involved. Matty, the fans, his parents and teammates all just truly ecstatic. The whole thing is an incredible reminder why sports are so amazing. Most of the kids on that team, or in the crowd, will eventually forget almost everything they ever did and saw on that ice. But they could be infinity and one years old and remembering Matty putting that deke on the goalie, sending the crowd into a frenzy, and emptying the benches will still put a smile on their face.