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BarstoolDMV Baltimore Podcast Episode 8: We're Talking Terps Up And Down Week, Ovi's 500th, State Of The Ravens, And Orioles

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So we didn’t win the Powerball, it’s bullshit, I know. If we had won it, we were planning on buying our favorite teams, and having Peter Angelos and Steve Bisciotti podcast instead…but here we are, releasing the 8th episode of the BarstoolDMV Baltimore Podcast. Some good topics in here. We visit the highs and lows of the Terps basketball team this week, from Melo Trimble’s onion shot, to getting upset by that blue team up north.

We get to talk about everyone’s favorite Russian hockey player, and discuss if Alex Ovechkin is the greatest athlete in D.C. Sports history. Does 5oo career goals mean anything if the Caps don’t bring home the cup this year? We talk about that as well.

Banks gives us his own State Of The Ravens, and he dives into what he thinks can help the Ravens get back to the playoffs, something they have missed 2 out of the last 3 seasons. We finish up with some more bird talk and what it means for the O’s to lose Wei-Yin Chen, and Gerardo Parra. We also tried to figure out where there is no market for Justin Upton and Chris Davis, is it crazy to think the O’s should go out and get both?

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