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The Prides Of Dorchester Jimmy and Kevin Hayes Will Match $1,000 For Every 10K Worth of Shirts We Sell For Denna Laing



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How can you not love the Hayes brothers? Sure I put Jimmy in back pocket and Kevin is too scared to face me in the goalie challenge but they both stepped up big here.  Out of the the blue they reached out and asked how to support the Denna Laing fund. They came up with this concept. For every 10K worth of shirts the Stoolies buy they’ll each donate $1k themselves. And anybody who thinks I’m gonna let myself get pushed around by pro athletes is insane. So I’ll donate $1,100 for every 10K worth of shirts the Stoolies buy. Power move city. Right now we’re closing in on 25K or so. So that means an extra $3200 added on top of whatever we raise. Hopefully that keeps going up.  Click here to buy a shirt and support Denna Laing


And in case you needed to be reminded why this is such a great cause here is my blog from earlier today…


Or just follow her on twitter because she’s the most upbeat person of all time.  Hard not to love her attitude through all this shit.