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Ben McAdoo Reportedly Hired As Head Coach Of The New York Giants



So it sounds like the Giants are going to stay in-house and move Ben McAdoo up from offensive coordinator to head coach.  Like I said yesterday, I was a little hesitant about giving the position to McAdoo after only a couple years on the job, but I also didn’t want Eli to learn a new system under a new coordinator .

When McAdoo was interviewed for his position back in 2014, there was a lot of buzz about how many teams were impressed with him and thought he was a future head coach.  So here we are.  Did I want a bigger name and someone with head coaching experience?  Yes.  Am I concerned about this team going from an ultra-prepared guy like Tom Coughlin to a relative unknown?  Definitely.  Does just looking at McAdoo give me the willies?  You bet your ass.  But we’re all in on this guy now.

As soon as Tom Coughlin resigned (hahahha, jk he was fired) without any superstar coaching candidates out there, this was likely our fate.  So now we have to get behind Benjamin Lee McAdoo.  Sure he looks funny, so does Eli sometimes.  And Eli has two rings to his name.  Sure I was scared McAdoo would head to Philly to coach the Eagles because he looked like he was half McPoyle.  But you know what?  He’s OUR McPoyle.  Purple Faced Tom is out, Pumpkin Pie Hair Cutted Freak is in.  So here is to hoping Jerry Reese and Spags (who looks to be staying as defensive coordinator) can fix the leaky sieve of a defense and get some talent on this team ASAP while McAdoo finds someone willing and able to handle the offense.


Shit. (I’m just playing, I think* he will be okay as a coordinator).




And thanks to the Stoolie who tweeted this and now has me second guessing this hire completely.  Is Ben McAdoo really PC Principal?  Is Eli really Jimmy?  I am SHOOK.


And another Stoolie brought up a very good point.

Which led to me YouTube “Ben McAdoo”.  And you know what?  He actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about and he doesn’t have the voice of a complete weirdo, so I guess that’s a win for us Giants fans.  I give his voice an 8.4.  And yes, out of context that quote makes McAdoo seem like a maniac.



Fuck it, lets do this you silly looking bastard!!! Get us to the playoffs and hope Good Playoff Eli appears for four more games.