New Trailer For Homefront: The Revolution Makes You The Sack-Daddy Defender Of Philadelphia

It could be the most internal disappointment I’ve experienced in video games since the brief time they took away fighting in EA’s NHL games or when Lara Croft’s tits finally became slightly realistic. Doesn’t matter, still gotta make the purchase out of respect. How can you call yourself a Philadelphian and not defend your virtual streets vs. the invading North Korean Communist forces? You can’t. Kim Jong Un can take his pumpkin pie hair cutted freak army to my doorstep in Fairmount if he wants to dance. Or we can rumble in South Philly and I’ll beat down the Commies worse than our sports teams get massacred on a regular basis. I step foot out of my apartment maybe twice a week so at least it’ll give me an excuse to voyage around town and feel like I’m accomplishing something.

Cue the “Oh it looks like it’s an improvement to the city!” comments….actually, wait, in some ways it kinda does.


Looks 1000% more safe than certain parts of Fishtown.