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Oh Great, Wayne Gretzky's Grandson (Paulina and Dustin's Kid) Is Already Better At Hockey Than Me

Oh for fucks sake here I am just trying to squeak it out in my Thursday night league, meanwhile we have this 1 year old Thumper Gretzky putting on clinics out there. How is this baby standing and holding the stick so easily? I didn’t think 1 year olds could do anything besides shit all over themselves and be sticky for no reason, they can already walk around n shit? Or is this just because the Gretzky genetics aren’t real life? Wayne is going to have this kid on skates before June. Wouldn’t be shocked if whoever the Caps are playing in the Cup signs Thumper up as their 3rd line center.

PS: Remember when Paulina used to be good for a new slutty Instagram pic a week? I miss those days. Wait til the divorce happens, we’ll get’er back, I know we will.