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It's #BulkingSeason So Matt Stonie Drank An Entire 5 Pound Tub Of Banana Creme Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Mass Gainer

#GAINZ. What was Hank doing when he was trying to get up to 200 pounds? Lifting weights n shit? Huge mistake. Clearly all he needed to do was spend 2 minutes a day drinking weight gainer and he’d be all set, right?

FWF - In just 2 minutes and five seconds, Stonie was able to drink:

504 grams of fat
816 carbs
960 grams of protein
11,760 calories

Can you even imagine the smell of his farts for the next day week month life? I’ll have one protein shake and it smells like EDP’s unwashed taint, I cannot even imagine the stench from an entire tub. Also, the fact he did it pretty easily was mind blowing. Hardly even hiccuped. Pure domination. And now is swole as fuck. Because everyone knows drinking protein shakes is basically the same as going to the gym.