"Coming Up Roses" Bachelor Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Intern Dana, Chief and Trent

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Alright so we’re back for another week of Coming Up Roses. This week it was @BarstoolChief, @Intern_Dana and myself recapping this week’s episode. Our schedule was a little screwy since the National Championship and The Bachelor were on the same night. We’ll be back to recording Monday night and putting the podcast out Tuesday next week. Still an action packed episode. On this episode we saw Ben H and the girls go back to school, a ridiculous Ride Along promotion and things getting testy between the girls. Oh and Lace did Lace things. She is made for TV as long as she can keep getting roses. Can’t-miss stuff from her. Pro-tip to all the ladies out there: Constantly telling a guy that you’re not crazy makes you crazy. We cover that and more on the podcast. Also, we’re on iTunes now. If the episode isn’t up yet it will be later today. Thanks again to Intern Dana for joining us.





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