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With The Rams Back In LA, Flashback To The Famous Jim Rome/Jim (Chris) Everett Fight




First of all, what made me think of this was Rovell stirring the pot and trying to re-ignite this old feud on twitter.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.06.14 AM



I seriously don’t know if I can be on a guy’s side more than I’m on Rovell’s these days. His brand is at an all time high. People who hate Rovell in 2016 fucking suck in my opinion. They’re posers that jumped on the bandwagon too late. 2013-14, Rovell hating was cool, now he’s hilarious in his own dweeb way. Need more Rovell, just making the rest of the internet angry by being a lame dad. Love it.



As for the clip, youtube Hall of Fame and one of those things that if it happened today the internet would collectively lose its mind (especially because Jim Rome was calling Jim Everett a woman as an insult, GASP!). My only question is, do we think it was staged? I read somewhere a few months ago where a truther said he thought it was. That would be devastating. I need that sly punk smile from Jim Rome to be authentic. I need Chris Everett’s anger to be real. I’m sticking with it being totally real and one of my favorite clips on the internet. Welcome back to LA, Jim, actually check that, Chris.