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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Man Named Worm That Threw A Guy's Moped In The Ocean And Tried To Stab Him?

(Source) A Stock Island man told deputies a man he only knows as ‘Worm’ went by his boat on a dinghy in Boca Chica Channel on Saturday morn while yelling profanities to him. After reaching the boat ramp in his dinghy, ‘Worm’ allegedly threw the victim’s moped into the water, according to a new release from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. When the boater confronted ‘Worm” at the boat ramp a short time later the two men got into a fight  and ‘Worm’ pulled out a knife and cut the man’s arm, according to the release.

The man also told deputies that a woman he had dated had once left him for “Worm”  — but after staying with him for a while the woman returned. A deputy later found Jeffery “Worm” Steven Ballard, 38, after he spotted him walking at 1:15 a.m. Sunday morning. The deputy wrote in his report that “Worm” Ballard had blood on his face and head, and told the deputy he’d been beaten up by the boater in a fight earlier.



Here’s my question. If you’re this guy and you see “Worm” coming hot down the dock on a Saturday morning don’t you do everything in your power to not have a confrontation with him? I mean you know Worm, you’ve lost a girlfriend to Worm, worm is clearly  not a guy you want to fuck with. It’s not like your girlfriend left you for a Ben or a Scott, it’s worm. You don’t even know his real name, all you know is Worm. So if we’re being honest here, the only person to blame is the guy who got attacked. If you didn’t expect Worm to throw your moped in to the ocean and pull a knife on you, well then you’re just being a naive idiot.



The craziest part of this story is that it sounds like the guy actually took his girlfriend back after she had been with Worm. That might be the most insane thing I have ever heard. Worm  doesn’t exactly strike me as a missionary type of guy if you know what I’m saying*.



*I’m saying Worm probably anal fucked her life away