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Any Rich Chicago Stoolies Looking To Be A Sugar Daddy?


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My friend and I are both beautiful, fit, brunette WHITE girls. Words to describe us are : flawless, gorgeous, stunning, goddess, perfect, etc. We are both 22 and we are looking for a male who will give us a key to his nice condo or apartment in the city preferably Gold Coast, River North, Old Town, Streeterville, or the New East Side and a credit card so when we go out we have a place to stay and free drinks and we don’t have to deal with the peasants. We do not what you look like because we hope to not really see you. We only want to receive responses from serious inquiries. Attache some photos of your place and yourself and the title of your job so we know if you’re elite enough to compete for this open position. The only thing you will get from this relationship is the ability to say that you have two goddesses sleeping your place. We are looking forward to reviewing your application. Thank you for your time.




If I’m reading this ad correctly, and I think I am, it sounds like these chicks want to just live in a rich guy’s house for free without so much as a blow job let alone a threesome. Is that right? Because if it is then this might be the most offensive Craigslist ad in the history of Craigslist. Where the fuck do these chicks get off. You can’t just get free shit for the illusion of fucking a guy. You have to actually fuck him. Nothing short of that works. In your dumb head you probably thought, oh what guy wouldn’t want to say he has two smoking hot 22 year olds parading around his house. Yeah, that’s awesome, but guess what the second question is whenever that guy tells his friends about his new roommates. Have you fucked them yet? That’s it. So I don’t know what these girls think a Sugar Daddy means, but trying to get free shit for free is patently absurd. This is America not Communist Russia. You have to 69 someone if you want keys to a Gold Coast Penthouse.

Love the subtle but not at all subtle racism with the capitalization of WHITE.


Double PS
90% chance they’re black dudes right?



thanks DH for the tip