This Little Kid Has Perfectly Mirrored Steph Curry's Ball Handling Abilities And I'm Impressed



This is a tiny peek of what the next generation of basketball players is gonna look like.  They’re all gonna try and imitate Steph Curry’s ball handling skills and shooting ability. Pretending to be your favorite basketball player on the court in the backyard as a kid is a story as old as time.  I can remember pretending to Michael Jordan. Counting down from 5 and hitting game-winning shots on a basketball court we had in our back yard. Then the generation after that was probably lowering the hoop and throwing down tomahawk dunks like LeBron James. Or taking contact from an imaginary opponent and acting like they got shot with a shotgun.  Now?  Now it’s time for the kids to imitate Steph Curry like that kid just did. Kid absolutely nailed those moves. Kids will be doing that and shooting threes from the parking lot to be like Curry.  And to be totally honest, this style of basketball is better for kids. I don’t wanna shake my fist at the sky and say it’s a more pure form of basketball but I can remember lowering the hoop and dunking all the time. But then then you grow up and you can’t dunk on a 10-foot hoop and your dreams are crushed. The day I realized I would never dunk a basketball ranks up there with family members dying in terms of sadness. But you can always dribble and shoot.



PS- This is going to shock you but I was a horrible basketball player. And it wasn’t because I’m white and under 6 feet tall and pudgy, although none of those things helped. It was the conditioning. I was good for one time down and back on the court before I’d puke.