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Chandler Jones - "Sorry For Partying"


Hilarious picture. Hey when you earn a bye week you’re allowed to let your hair down a tiny bit. Have some fun. So Chandler Jones OD’s on pills or weed or something. I heard he was found bare ass naked in his car. And that was before this story broke I was told that. But did he miss practice? Did he miss any meetings? No. Sorry for partying.

PS – I LOVE how the Foxboro police covered this up. That’s how you win Superbowls. Everybody Do Your Job. Now it would be one thing if he murdered a bunch of people like Aaron Hernandez. You can’t hide that. But going too hard on a Saturday Night? Who cares? You have to protect Chandler here because this is the type of stuff ESPN would eat up and try to get him banned for the playoffs for. Listen I once OD’d on weed and wanted to get rushed to the hospital. I didn’t miss one day of blogging and look where I am now. It can happen to the best of us.