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What It's Like To Ball Out With A Few Neighborhood Homeslices In Philly

We were out shooting another video but I guess when you’re a neighborhood pickup legend you don’t find the game, the game finds you. I don’t care if they were a gaggle of 15-year old kids off the block, that’s bad scouting on my part picking the laziest player of the bunch. James Harden defense the entire game and not even attempting to drive in the wide open lane for the game winning bucket at 3:55 says it all. But that’s a A+ coaching by yours truly with the Picket Fence call. I’m gonna go out on a very, very long limb and say my teammates have never seen Hoosiers and didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, but dammit, I made Shooter proud.

And once I get adequate time to master these damn things I’ll be a pre-Earthquake Michael J. Fox of the Hoverboards. Athleticism, defined: