Praise The Lord! Keith Hernandez Has Re-Signed With SNY!


NY Daily News- Keith Hernandez is staying put.  The former Mets first baseman reached an agreement in principle with SportsNet New York suits Tuesday and will return to the TV booth this season. Both his partners, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling are still under contract to SNY.

It did not take long for Hernandez to get his deal done. His contract was scheduled to expire at the end this month but he has been negotiating a new contract with SNY since December.

Industry sources said the outcome of those talks were never in doubt. Yet the same was said last season when Bobby Ojeda, the studio analyst, was negotiating his deal. The two parties never reached an agreement.  Ojeda was replaced by Nelson Figueroa. Look for Figueroa to return to the studio this season.


Tootsie Pops for everyone!!!  I don’t care what any of these sources say about the talks never being in doubt.  There is always a shit ton of doubt when it comes to the Wilpons spending money to keep talent.  So Keith re-signing with SNY is probably the best news us Mets fans could get this year.  Sure somehow coming to an agreement with Cespedes would be awesome, but Keith is more entertaining than any player could be.  Keith has seen the dark times at Citi Field, so he deserves to see some of the good times (*HOPEFULLY).

Now we have a single Keith equipped with a new, fat contract.  So the stories and possibilities of debauchery that he can get himself into are endless.  If you thought Keith was pissed about working extras in mid-April when he was married, I can only imagine what he will be like the Mets go 18 against the Phillies on a Friday night in June.  Dinner reservations ruined, plans for the night destroyed, and he gets to watch ugly baseball until 2 AM.  Plus we get to hear more about the Tufted Titmouse and all his other bird watching stories.  What a glorious, glorious day.

Also, #neverforget.  Best broadcast team in baseball.