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USC Students Required To Fill Out Form Detailing Their Sex Life - "How Many Times Have You Had Oral In The Past 3 Months?"

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[Campus Reform] A mandatory online course at the University of Southern California (USC) asks students to disclose the number of sexual encounters they have had over the past three months and teaches students to ask for consent by saying “how far would you be comfortable going?” and “would you like to try this with me?”

In an email obtained by Campus Reform, students were told they must complete the Title IX training in order to register for courses in the spring.

“This course is mandatory, and you must complete it by February 9, 2016. If you do not complete the training by this date you will receive a registration hold until the training is complete,” the email stated.

“It was just full of super personal questions,” Jacob Ellenhorn, a student at USC, told Campus Reform.

The course begins with a detailed questionnaire that asks students to reveal how often they are having sex and using drugs or alcohol. The survey also asks students to specify the number of sexual partners they have had in the past three months.

After revealing both the number of times they have had sex and with how many different people, students are then asked to state whether or not they used a condom.

Damn, back in my day our big hassle was just the AlcoholEDU thing. Now I guess you have to describe all the details of your sex life and fully catalogue how many times exactly you got your D wet?

Sexually harrassing students to prevent sexual harrassment…  Title IX just always doing big things.  Forcing students to reveal their most personal intimate relationship details, put them on the computer then send them off to god knows who in the administration is just the latest in a long line.    At least it’s totally anonymous though, I mean yeah you entered your full name, email address and where you live, but you clicked that little green button that says “ANONYMOUS” at the top and there’s no such thing as hackers or technology errors or problems with the Cloud.  If The Fappening taught us anything it’s that whatever you put into cyberspace stays safe there forever.

Don’t care if you can just make shit up – you shouldn’t have to answer or fake answer in the first place.  Hey college it’s none of your business how much sex someone has and it’s definitely none of your business if they can’t get laid.   I’m paying you 30K a year,  how about you worry about educating me and let me worry about if I can get my dick sucked this month?

The rest of the course looks pretty sane.

After completing the questionnaire, students were then walked through a two-hour interactive lesson on sexual assault, consent, and substance abuse. In one case, students were told that a sexual partner who has had too much to drink cannot give consent. However, in a different scenario, the course shows a video of a man and a woman who are both drunk and engaging in sexual activity. The video, according to Ellenhorn, blames the man for sexually assaulting the woman.

“It kept on saying that drunk people cannot give consent. In one scenario both the man and the woman were drunk but the video still blames the male for the assault. I found that a little confusing,” Ellenhorn said.


Another portion of the course teaches students “how to ask for consent” and lists possible verbal and physical indicators their sexual partners may provide. Students are told to look for physical signs such as “crossing arms” or “lack of eye contact” as an indication a partner does not want to have sex. Only verbal signs, however, indicate a partner does want to have sex.