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Video Hits The Internet Of Nebraska Frat Pledge Getting His Ass Branded

Daily NebraskanA six-second video posted on Vine showing a University of Nebraska-Lincoln freshman Phi Kappa Psi member getting branded by other fraternity members surfaced on Tuesday afternoon.

The video, which was posted in May 2014, shows at least two people leaning on the bare back of a freshman laying face down on a hardwood floor while another person brands the Greek letters “Phi Kappa Psi” into his left buttocks.

The end of the video shows the freshman’s face, visibly upset, while someone wearing Phi Kappa Psi’s 2014 “Phi Psi Subs” philanthropy t-shirt walks by in the background.

The caption of the video, which was posted from the Vine account “Drewdle,” reads “#ass #branding #ouch #damn #frat.”

UNL spokesman Steve Smith said in a statement that neither the person who was the subject of the video nor the individual who posted it are currently enrolled at UNL.

Phi Kappa Psi president Charlie Costa said the fraternity has never made freshmen brand themselves, and the people in the video participated in the branding voluntarily.

Cancel frats! Burn down their houses! Execute frat brothers and make their families watch! I’m sure that will be the reaction now that this Vine is going viral – calm, cool and collected, just like everything that has to do with Greek Life. Not sure what Phi Psi did to piss somebody off and make them leak a video from 2014, but it’s going to cause them a huge headache for the very near future.

“Regardless, the university is taking the actions in this video very seriously,” Smith said. “The appropriate authorities have been notified, and the university will take action at the proper time.”

It’s an ass branding. Who cares. College kids do dumb shit literally ALL the time whether they’re in a fraternity or not in a fraternity. If hazing is so bad that pledges are losing body parts or tragically dying then yes I can obviously see the administration getting involved, but a couple of bros branding each other? It’s his ass cheek. If he wants a burning hot poker jammed into it frying the skin off well then god damnit I support his right to do that.