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Dennis And Callahan Show Reporting That Chandler Jones OD'd On Pills Saturday Night






These dispatch calls reveal pretty much nothing other than the cops went to lock the door to his house for him, not sure that’s something they do for drug overdoses very often.



(Source) The reason for a weekend trip to the hospital by Patriots defensive lineman Chandler Jones initially wasn’t know. According to Chris Curtis, producer of WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Show, it now is. Curtis reports, citing unnamed police sources, that Jones overdosed on pills on Saturday night. An ambulance transported Jones to Norwood Hospital. The pills taken by Jones aren’t known. In theory, he could be subject to NFL action if the substance has been banned by the NFL. The medical records generated by the trip to the hospital undoubtedly contained information regarding what Jones ingested. Automatic suspension would arise only if the compound is a PED. For street drugs, an initial violation would result at worst in placement in the league’s substance-abuse program, along with enhanced testing. Multiple violations typically are required before a suspension occurs.




Really, really weird story here. The police first said they had no report of Chandler Jones getting treatment there, then they said “whoops you’re right actually we did,” then they edited the report to take out some of his medical information. The Patriots have confirmed that he was admitted to the hospital yet hasn’t missed a second of practice so they don’t really seem to care. WEEI first said that Jones OD’d at Gronk’s house but Gronk was in Florida this weekend so unless this was a situation where Chandler Jones broke into the house and threw a “mom and dad are out of town” party then that would be pretty impossible, so they altered their report and dropped the whole Gronk part. At the moment it really seems like no one knows entirely what they’re talking about and is just saying shit to say it. If you need early Sunday morning live saving techniques and you’re fine on Monday then ODing is probably a pretty good guess, but right now the only people saying that also said he was at Gronk’s house.




But guess what, if Chandler Jones did in fact OD? DONNNNNTTTTTT CAAAARRRRREEEEE. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Chandler Jones and want him to be healthy, but it appears that he is. Had a little scare but we’re all good now. Like I’m not even sure that 8 AM emergency calls are definitively because of partying. That’s fucking late. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible that this was an accidental OD on just his pain killers. No, it’s not likely, but it’s also not impossible.


But at the end of the day, here’s what matters: Is Chandler Jones fine? Has he missed a moment of practice? Do the Patriots seem concerned? Yup, nope, and nope. Maybe Chandler did take some pills on Saturday night and maybe he took a few too many, well if that’s the situation then it’s is all taken care of so it’s no concern of mine. In fact, it was probably sneaky smart so he got his stomach pumped, felt like a million bucks, and was 110 percent for practice on Monday. Wouldn’t put it past him to have OD’d on purpose to make sure he was totally hangover free in 24 hours and ready to practice. That’s how the Patriots do it. As long as Chandler Jones is on the practice field then why does this matter to any of us? Work hard, play hard. I like my playoffs served with a dose of craziness and we don’t have Deflategate this year we’re gonna have to make Belichick black eyes and Jones overdoses work, let’s get it.