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The Brother of Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey Dropped A Rap Record Saying They Didn't Do It

Bars, son! Bars! Whos the greatest rapper alive? Brad Dassey, Brad Dassey…Brad Dassey Brad Dassey Brad Dassey. My favorite two parts were:

Ran to Minnesota, give the guy a soda! Just tryna live his life, why you gotta talk smack!

Everything’s just a sham, lock boom bam…GONE!

That shit is just fuego son. Straight those fucking clown ass cops. I probably would have added another verse about how my brother is literally too stupid to function – let alone murder someone – but thats just Young Unsweetened talking. I also would have had a bridge after the second chorus with like a thousand people just saying “Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah.” in a Wisconsin accent. That would have brought the fucking house down. Either way though, be on the look out for Brendan Dassey to be released soon. They’ve got that new judge working the case and any judge who listens to this scorching heat will have no choice but to set him free.