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Brendan Dassey's Brother Did A Christian Rap About "Making A Murderer" Because Sure, Why Not?


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.05.17 PM



Finally! Everyone knows that every movement needs an anthem. It’s why soldiers followed drummer boys into battle and it’s why We Are The World ended racism. If you don’t have a song for your cause then it’s as good as dead. Now that the Manitowoc Boys have their hot bars then they might as well be strutting out of prison any second. They didn’t do it, the Christian rap indie artist (literally the worst words ever strung together) said it in his terrible lyrics with a truly horrible flow. That’s all the evidence I need. Fuck the sketchy way the police found the key or the clearly planted blood evidence or the fact that an open fire would not cause a body to burn how it did, this is how you overturn a ruling. Christian hip hop artists looking to use their half-brothers harrowing experience in order to get their own career off the ground.




PS – Brad, little tip from one chubby guy to another: top down for pictures. That’s the angle. Right under your double chin is not the move. It’s nauseating.