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LeSean McCoy Was Upholding His Dickish, Non-Tipping, Talking In The 3rd Person Persona In Philly The Other Night




We all knew Shady was in town repping an Indians hat at the Sixers game, but we didn’t really hear anything else. Well, my friends, it looks like Mr. McCoy hasn’t changed one bit. Same shit, different day. Can’t exactly blame him for letting lose while back in his home(ish) hood. Shady would look a little off in the Siberia of the NFL waltzing into the freshest Applebees with his crew, rip apple martinis, tip nada on the bill, and attempt to spread the herp in the third person. I blocked out the identity of the restaurant for the sake of the Stoolie but let’s just say it’s one of those well known, pricey spots in Philly where all the big shots like to think they sling dick. Culture apparently might not win football, but dammit, why couldn’t you at least try to be better as a person, Shady? We really coulda been something together. We coulda been contenders. Plus I’m still not happy I can’t wear these puppies in public anymore. By far the best only wearable shirts in Barstool Philly history.

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