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Farrah Abraham And Her 6 Year Old Daughter Feuding With Nicki Minaj On Twitter - Daily Mail


Page Six – “Teen Mom” turned porn star Farrah Abraham has dragged her daughter into her feud with Nicki Minaj. On Monday, 6-year-old Sofia took to her very own Twitter account to let the rapper know just what she thought of her. “Hi everybody, Nicki Minaj is a total loser,” the elementary schooler said in short clip entitled “Nicki Minaj Don’t say bad WORDS, I don’t.” Sofia was referring to the now-days-long war of words between her mother, 24, and Minaj, 33, after the latter expressed disbelief at the disrespect the reality star showed her mother on “Teen Mom OG.” “Farrah is a c—t to her mother,” the rapper tweeted on Sunday, before writing that Abraham should stick to making pornographic videos and leave her mother alone. “Cause your [sic] a parent right? Your videos look like porn. Horrible good luck being negative #Godbless busy making TV,” the MTV star wrote backWhat specifically seems to have drawn young Sofia’s ire, are the three separate tweets in which Minaj called her mother a “c—t,” a “bitch” and a “#BigC—T.” It’s unclear if she also considers “ding bat” a bad word.

Farrah Abraham is just a rock bottom human being. For real if I had to pick a representative of rock bottom – aside from like drug addict homeless vagrants – it would be her. And its one thing if you wanna get fucked on camera for money and stuff like that. Youre a grown woman, you wanna be a trash bag, go for it. But when you drag your 6 year old kid into beef with a RAPPER you should probably check your shit. What the fuck does a 6 year old need a twitter account for anyway? Let alone to be talking shit to Nicki Minaj.

Anyway we just need these two to make up by making a porn together. Nicki And Farrah Bury The Hatchet and they just hate fuck each other until they cant take it anymore. Afterwards they look like Rocky and Apollo, all battered and tired with mutual respect for each other.

Today we also got the chick who bit off a Wal Mart employee’s finger, bicycle thief banned from riding bikes for life, dude assualted twice after refusing to accept attacker’s apology, Asian chick makes soap from her own fat after losing weight and sends the soap to his family, and the first ever Cubicle Chronicles from back in 2010. Plug in Juice up.

PS – Hashtag Big Cunt is hilarious.