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Jordan Spieth Made A Cool $53 Million In 2015

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CBS Sports- We know Jordan Spieth is keeping pace with Tiger Woods on the course. Now he’s keeping pace with him off of it. According to Golf Digest, for the first time in 13 years, Tiger Woods was not golf’s No. 1 earner in 2015. It was Spieth. Spieth earned more than $53 million on and off the course to lead the GD50. At more than $48.5 million, Woods fell to No. 3, behind 45-year-old Phil Mickelson and ahead of Rory McIlroy, 26. Arnold Palmer, golf’s most enduring cash machine at 86, is No. 5. The majority of Spieth’s money ($30 million) was made off the course. And the majority of that came from Under Armour. “Both parties went into this knowing he would win major championships, and we built that into this unprecedented relationship,” Spieth’s agent Jay Danzi told Golf Digest. “Jordan’s bought into a brand strategy from the beginning, and people are getting to see what an amazing person he is.” Wow! Both parties went into this knowing he would win major championships. Not “a major” but “major championships.” Spieth has earned it though. He had one of the all-time great seasons in 2015 and deserves to get paid. If tracking Woods on the course hasn’t gotten the attention of the general public yet, then maybe making more money than him off of it will.




To the victor go the spoils. We knew Jordan Spieth had the best year of his young career but how good?  Apparently $53 million good. It’s not $1.5 billion but if he puts together more years like 2015 it could be eventually. Kid is on top of the world. Oh and he just started off 2016 with another win. So yeah. And this was all before Under Armour started making products directly with Spieth’s name on. That’s happening now so 2016’s total could be even higher.  You know who could learn a lesson from Spieth?  Johnny Manziel. Manziel has this whole thing flipped around. You want people to not be all up your ass about partying in Vegas all the time?  Win something.  Anything.  Winning cures everything. Win and the fame and fortune follow. That’s not to say Spieth has done anything wrong ever in his life but he could.  He could and it wouldn’t totally matter as long as he keeps putting up Ws. That’s the lesson Manziel shockingly hasn’t learned yet. You’re not Joe Namath bro. People don’t give a shit about you unless you’re winning. I don’t know how this turned into a blog scolding Manziel but whatever. I’d also like to remind you that Spieth is only 22 years old and he just made that kind of money.  We are all failures and our parents know it.


PS- Tiger still cracking the top 3 money earners in 2015 despite being one of the worst golfers alive at this moment in time is a sneaky power move.  The guy is a money machine regardless of how he performs.  That’s the dream.