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Remember The Smokeshow Sundress Cat Fight Last Week? Well Yeah, This Is The Exact Opposite


Just a militant Mall Cop and a butch biker chick rolling around on pavement. Literally the exact opposite of smokeshows brawling in sun dresses.


Here’s what I don’t understand though. How can you possibly threaten to count to 10 and not have a plan of action when you get there? Like this chick thought she was being such a badass giving everyone a 10 count and as soon as she got to 8 she was like fuck, I really have ZERO authority or ability to do anything. Just can’t be putting yourself in that type of situation to begin with. Painting yourself in a corner. Worst Mall Cop ever.


I love when they both basically realize, oh we’re overweight women, that 6 seconds of fighting was the most exhausting thing ever, and just sat in this pose until someone broke it up.



Credit where credit is due, trying to cuff the chick after getting your ass kicked in front of 20 people that hate your guts is an absolutely OUTRAGEOUS move but I respect it. That’s a no quit attitude you can win with.