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Hipsters Are Now Driving Up The Price Of Cheap Beer Like Budweiser, Coors and PBR




(Source) Cheap beers are becoming less cheap, and for that you can thank hipsters. A recent study by Restaurant Sciences found that your everyday, low-cost beers like Budweiser, Miller Light and Coors Light are getting pricier, a trend the firm attributes to the rise in popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon — a favorite among your bearded, flannel shirt-wearing friends.

Basically, as Chuck Ellis, the head of Restaurant Sciences, put it, PBR has become “quite fashionable.” This has allowed bars and restaurants to get away with charging more for the beer’s low-price peers. “I believe the single biggest driver in sub-premium beer price increases is indeed specifically PBR,” Ellis told the New York Daily News.

PBR did not respond to a phone call from The Huffington Post Friday afternoon. So how much more are you really paying? The study found that the prices of popular “sub-premium” beers have increased up to 6.8 percent in the nation’s eating and drinking establishments over the past seven months

And it’s not only beer that’s getting pricier. A study out earlier this month, also by Restaurant Sciences, found that the cost of spirits and cocktails has also gotten significantly more expensive. If this beer news makes you really angry at hipsters, you’re probably not alone. A recent poll from Public Policy Polling found that only 16 percent of Americans have a favorable view of hipsters. Even more, 27 percent of Americans say hipsters should be taxed for being “so annoying.”



I’m not really into hipster bashing. I mean they annoy me but it’s not like we live in Brooklyn. Wicker Park and Bucktown and Logan Square are Hipster light. They’re the JV team compared to true hipsters in New York. So they really just don’t even touch on my radar. That was up until I saw this article. This is fucked up. Skinny Jeans and unicycles and beanies are one thing, making me pay more for my beer is a whole new ballgame.


And what angers me here is that hipsters are drinking these beers to be trendy, I drink these beers because I’m 1) Poor and 2) I Have the taste palate of a 5 year old. You could hand me urine in a bottle and if you told me it got me drunk I’d probably still drink it. So this doesn’t seem fair. I thought it was well established that hipsters drink their super selective microwbrews that are hand crafted by some guy named Holden and his lesbian wife Margot in Portland Oregon and regular people drink Coors and Bud. Cheap beer costing more is a breach of the contract. This is officially turned into a turf war. You can mess with a lot of things in my life, but the cost of the beer I drink is not one of them. Fucking hipsters, go drink Beast Ice or Hamms or Mountain Creek if you want to be super cool. There are plenty of cheap beers out there, cheap beers that give you diarrhea and make you vomit blood, those are the ones you should target, leave the normal beer for normal people.