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A Girl Finding Out Her Ex-Boyfriend Is Now Dating A Model Is A Hilariously Awkward Video


Brutal video. I assume we’re all well-versed enough to be able to translate the girlese going on in the video but if not: This is not a laughter of joy. This is not a laughter of irony or “Aw shucks, life huh? Oh well, onto the next one!” This is a laughter, especially as it goes on, of pure horror at where her life is right now relative to this ex. Look at this face when she’s talking about how this model girl’s life is so great and their apartment doesn’t even have heat:


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.26.14 AM


And I don’t blame her one bit. On the one hand, I’d like to think that having an ex go on to date some outrageously perfect model would be like being the team that loses in the playoff to the eventual Super Bowl winner; you lost, but you lost to the Champ. But in football at least that’s an accomplishment. In real life, where does that get you? Still alone with your roommate filming you, laughing to keep from crying in your cold ass apartment while that chick is racking up Instagram likes in between sex sessions that leave this guy’s dick thanking God, Allah, and Vishnu every single time it gets put to work. So yeah, don’t think this was a ball of laughs for her by any stretch but I don’t blame her.


At the same time, as a guy if I saw an ex with some really handsome model guy, I think that would raise my stock by proxy. Even if I’m not as good looking, that means I must have evened out somewhere in her head and that pretty much leaves just personality and pipe because lord knows it’s not for my choices in career. Funnier reaction for a girl in this situation, much more emotionally healthy one for a guy.


(h/t ED)