John Daly's Ex-Wife Arrested AGAIN And Her Collection Of Mugshots Is Downright Impressive

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – The ex-wife of pro golfer and Arkansan John Daly was arrested on several charges late Tuesday night. Sherrie Daly is charged with custodial interference after police say she checked out her son from school back December, but did not return him back to his father. Daly lost custody of her son due to her numerous legal troubles. She’s also charged with violating her probation. Juvenile court also issued a warrant for her 16-year old son. Daly is being held on a $1,005,000 bond. She will appear in front of a judge Wednesday morning.




Sherrie just can’t stop won’t stop getting arrested.  She has more mugshots than most mob bosses. If you have a fear boner right now you’re not alone. If you can’t see why John Daly wifed this chick up then you don’t believe in true love. This chick is perfect for John. Or at least old John. The Bonnie to his Clyde. The Trinity to his Neo. The Beyonce to his Jay Z. JD isn’t cut out for that lifestyle anymore but I totally get why they were an item once upon a time.  I mostly have a boner because Sherrie looks EXACTLY like the type of chick you’d see in a MILF porn. You know which ones I’m talking about. “Oh my son and your best friend Johnny isn’t home from soccer practice yet. You know Ive always had a crush on you” then they’re off to the races. Like I’m pretty sure we’ve all watched a porn that has a Sherrie lookalike in it. You could tell me it was Sherrie in some of those and I’d believe you in a heartbeat.  Maybe that’s her next move. Just get into porn. She already has more legal troubles than John Gotti, why not do a little porn on the side to ease those lawyer fees?  Everybody wins.  Including us.



PS-I’m willing to admit Sherrie looks just a little bit better in her mugshots than I looked in mine. I look like a Manitowoc County resident.



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