How About Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, Being Kind Of Good Looking?

So today’s big story is how Yahoo is buying tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars. Well the real story to me is Marissa Mayer. She’s not terrible looking. Total shocker. Not because she’s a woman CEO but more because she’s a certified nerd overachiever. Went to Stanford, worked at Google, etc etc. Like if you had read her resume out loud to me and then said rank that person on 1-10 I would have been confident in a 3. She’s a super genius from Wisconsin (packer fan, gross). Everything about her shouldn’t be even remotely good looking. Geniuses don’t get to be higher than a 4, it’s god’s way of keeping order. But Marissa Mayer is a 7. Not bad at all. Wouldn’t mind being her husband and enjoying some of that 120 million dollar contract she signed. Be a stay at home dad, drink a bunch of afternoon cocktails and watch the Price is Right. Basically my life now except instead of 700 sq ft apartment it would be a mansion in Silicon Valley. The Lazy unmotived blogger and the Alpha Female overachiever. I think I just wrote NBC’s new sitcom. Bet she would love when I shit with the door open.


If you’re one of those guys that can’t live with their wife being the bread winner (Note, I’m not one of these people, more money less problems in my mind) what’s the tipping point for you not to give a fuck? Like if you make 100k and your wife makes 150k that probably stings a little. But if you make 100k and your wife makes 6 million, my guess is you can live with that. So what’s the number? If you make 100,000. 500k and up?