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Chicago Woman Attempts To Burn Down Boyfriend's House, Says She'll Be Back To Finish The Job Once She Gets Out Of Jail


(source) It’s often best to stay out of your roommate’s relationship drama.That’s the advice a suburban woman allegedly gave to her boyfriend’s roommate when he asked police officers to keep her out of his apartment, after a fight between the couple escalated Thursday.“You need to mind your own business,” Shemekia Fulwiley, of Normal, Ill., allegedly told her boyfriend’s roommate at his South Austin apartment when police arrested her for home invasion. She was at the apartment earlier in the day, state prosecutors said, but left when an altercation with her boyfriend turned violent. She allegedly returned to the apartment with a knife, and broke into his basement using a brick.

Before police arrived, Fulwiley, 22, poured lighter fluid around the basement entrance and attempted to set it on fire using a lighter, according to the police report.Fulwiley was charged with home invasion, battery, criminal damage to property, and attempted  aggravated arson.When police officials informed her of her charges at the District 15 police station, she shouted, “Yeah, I busted that window, and when I get outa here I’m gonna finish what I started, and bust the rest of those windows, and burn that mother[bleep] down,” according to the report.


So it looks like the list of people I wouldn’t want to fuck with starts and ends with Shemekia Fulwiley. You know that one guy in your group who is a little bit of a hothead but he never actually wants to fight. He just wants to get into confrontations and then be “held back” as things cool down. Fake tough guy. Well that’s Shemekia Fulwiley except not fake at all. She’s that friend if that friend actually did want to fight all the time. Like I don’t know Shemekia. I just met her this morning, but when she says she’ll be back to her boyfriend’s house to burn the motherfucker down I’m going to take her word for it. Just seems like the type of person who backs up their words in these types of situations. Not exactly a ton to lose here.