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The Moral Police At The Sporting News Put My Wife's Name In Their URL For SEO Purposes To Steal Clicks

Here is the actual URL from their hatchet job on us




So I already blogged that trash article from the Sporting News earlier today.  Just had to mention this.   In the middle of their ranting and raving and acting morally superior they actually put my wife’s name in the URL of the article so when people search her name they’ll see the article and get clicks.   And I’m the scumbag?   Can the Sporting News be more hypocritical?   Just sad when dying media brands need to bash Barstool to try and get clicks and keep their lights on for another day.  They hate us cause they ain’t us.


PS – I know I always make jokes about buying companies just to fire people but I think I could probably buy the Sporting News for 78 dollars.