Crocs (Yes, Those Weird Shoe Things) Sent Out A Tweet To Mourn The Passing Of David Bowie

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I wanna be clear on one thing here. I am not outraged.  This is not an outrage blog about how the social media intern at Crocs should be hung from the internet rafters and paraded around like a dead animal for their tweet. But how many times do we have to go through this before companies just stay as far away from celebrity deaths as possible? That should be Large Company Twitter 101. They do it to themselves. They make themselves an easy target for the internet ragers to swoop in and bash them. When something like the passing of a musical icon happens, all major companies need to heed the advice of the great American film How High on how to handle it: Stop, No and Don’t. It’s that simple. Stop, No and Don’t. Maybe even write those three words on a Post-It note and stick it to your lap top.  Don’t react. Don’t tweet.  Definitely don’t tweet one of your products with the signature logo of the person who died. Go about your day as if it never happened. Because nobody is gonna be like, “Hey, why the fuck didn’t Crocs send out a tweet mourning the death of David Bowie? Kinda messed up.  Fuck that company.”  That does not happen.  It only goes the other way. People only take notice when a company puts their Croc in their mouth. Say it with me. Stop, No and Don’t.