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Love This Guy Who Had A Warrant Out For His Arrest But Hated The Pic So He Texted The Cops A Better One



(HuffPo)A wanted man in Ohio didn’t like the photo police have been posting on social media — so he sent them a new image. Donald A. “Chip” Pugh, 45, is wanted for failure to appear in court and is a person of interest in several other cases, including arson and vandalism, the Lima Police Department said on Facebook. But Pugh didn’t like the photo they were using, and let them know.




I couldn’t possibly agree with Chip Pugh more here. If the police are looking for you and they’re sharing an ugly picture then you’ve got to correct that shit. You have to. What’s the worst thing that happens? Your text leads them to your whereabouts and they arrest you? SO WHAT. Failure to appear in court and some vandalism is like a four hour jail sentence. Dead serious is there anything worse than getting tagged in an ugly picture? No, there is not. Now imagine that picture isn’t just tagged to your facebook, it’s getting shared everywhere. You have no choice but to text the cops and let them know you’re way hotter than how they’re making you look. Fire off a selfie in the whip with some sweet shades and a nice tweet blazer. If they want to arrest you for looking awesome then so be it, at least the world knows you lost some weight.