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People Hate On Fox News But You Have To Admit They Nailed It With Their Tips To Win The Lottery



Media Matters tweeted out this screengrab from an interview with, ahem, lottery “expert” and seven-time lotto winner Richard Lustig and of course everyone’s piling on with how Fox News is the downfall of journalism for running a segment like this. Gawker has the whole video of the segment and, of course, heavily rolls their eyes at the entire enterprise. But tell me this liberal media, how are these numbers wrong?


Here are your odds with one Powerball ticket according to a statistic from USA Today:


1 in 292,200,000


Now what if I were to tell you that you bought a second ticket, these would be your odds:


2 in 292,200,000, which with a basic Fractional Reduction scientific equation makes your odds…


1 in 146,100,000!!!


BUT WAIT if you bought a third ticket, your odds would then become:


3 in 292,200,000, better known in the mathematical community as 1 in 97,400,000!!!! Now sure, these are still long odds. But what you may notice is how the number keeps getting “smaller” as we add more tickets into our heavily advanced scientific equation. And that’s the thing, the more ticket yous buy, the lower those odds get! Is it wise to invest all of your money in the booming Powerball ticket market? No, of course not. As any investment advisor would tell you, you want a diversified portfolio. A reasonable split would be 33% of your income in Powerball lottery tickets, 33% invested into domestic and international scratch-offs, and 33% into slot machines based on game shows (because there’s a skill component thus limiting your exposure).


So while the libtards keep loling at Fox News and Richard Lustig, now we’re all the wiser and will soon be laughing our ways to the bank. The Money Bank. Maybe we could all even pool together ticket fees, buy every number combination, and split the pot, this way everybody wins. Crazy that no one’s thought of these things before, what a bunch of sheep we have in society.