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At What Point In Life Does LeSean McCoy Finally Get Over Being Traded From Philly


Last night Shady came back to Philadelphia and was sitting courtside at the Sixers game. He spent 6 years in the city so it would make sense that he’d come back to make an appearance every now and then. But this son of a bitch showed to a Philadelphia vs Cleveland game wearing an Indians hat and it’s obvious that LeSean McCoy is still the poster child for Chronic Butt Hurt. He’s still the scorned ex-girlfriend who feels the need to constantly post updates on social media of how much better off she is now that “certain people” have been cut out of her life. Almost flabbergasted that Shady didn’t throw up a picture from this game yet with some “New year, New me” type of caption. It’s a sad sight to see, really.

And I get it. First off, every team in Philly (aside from maybe the Flyers) stinks right now. You can’t be caught dead wearing a Sixers hat or a Phillies hat because then you become a loser by association. But to come back to Philly only to rep the opposing team’s colors? Well the troll is strong in this one. You’d figure with Chip Kelly getting the ax, maybe Shady could quit being so goddamn salty but I guess when you have top secret orgy parties to throw and a dick full of herpes to attend to, maybe you don’t leave yourself enough time to mature at all.

P.S. – the Indians logo is pretty racist, no? Wonder if Stephen A is willing to go on a tirade about LeSean McCoy being the racist now that the tables have been turned.

P.P.S. – Are people really still leaving the size stickers on their hats? Haven’t really seen that much lately so it’s a genuine question.